Can the coatings be applied on any type of material?

Of course, in general it is possible for all metals.

Even on plastics and rubber?

Yes, we are able to make specific coatings for those types of materials.

How thick is the coating?

Normally we speak of a few microns, however the thicknesses vary depending on the type of coating.

Are any thermal steps considered in the implementation phase?

Depending on the coating and on the characteristics of components there are significant variations in time and temperature. For example, mechanical components are normally the ones not affected by high temperature steps.

In which way can the coating be removed from a component already treated in order to restore it?

Through a mechanical process.

Is one of the possibilities available to put the coating only on specific areas?

For most coatings yes. It is in any case advisable, as a preventive measure, to evaluate any specific case, considering also any changes in cost.

Talking about standard delivery times. What are they?

They are usually between 6 and 10 working days.

And if a customer needs a special quick delivery, how do you manage it?

It depends on quantities, components and coatings types, and on urgency; but we can reduce the delivery time to 2 or 3 working days.

Are the coatings approved for food contact?

Of course, most of coatings are FDA approved for contact with food.

Are you able to provide a sample of the coating?

Yes. On specific request, you can receive some platelets treated with the coating you chose.

And if we need a sampling?

If necessary, we can provide samplings.

Have you any agreements with carriers?

SDA, TNT Traco and Bartolini are the companies we normally use. In case of products to be delivered in very short times or that are sensitive, we can use other carriers on your request.